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These are the voyages of the USS Menagerie. Her hopeless mission:
To gain respect for non-human Starfleet Officers,
To promote understanding between diverse Species,
To set a glowing example of Federation tolerance,
Funny how things work out, isn't it?

Previous Stories

Season Three Stories

In the aftermath of the Lycanthropes' treachery
the crew disintegrates. Will they find out that
"Breaking Up is Hard to do"?
Now Available !

Suddenly... a spinoff!
Read the first ever Episode of Star Traks: A-Men
"A-Men to that!"
Now Available !

A Melting Pot Double Feature!
"Double Feature"
Now Available !

Suddenly... ANOTHER spinoff!
Yep, its the continuing adventures of the USS Aikido
"A Hunting, We Will Go!"
Now Available !

It's the first-ever Melting Pot Halloween Special!
Featuring everybody's favorite naked, Karaoke singing, unicycling Tellarite!
And, if that's not scary enough, The plot is based on a seriously under appreciated horror classic
"Big Wheel, Keep on Turnin'"
Now Available!

The A-Men are back in a new pulse-pounding adventure!
But, behind the scenes, old enemies are allying with new ones.
Look for "Hymns and Hers" available in November!

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