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December 29th: Ending 2006 with a new Silverado story! Well, hopefully not. Hopefully you plan on ending the year with fun and beverages, but whatever works. Check out Silverado 3.15 on the season 3 page. And yes, Machinima Episode 4 will be finished very soon.

December 17th: New Silverado and email addy updated. Silverado 3.14 is now available on the Season 3 page. I've also updated the site email link, which I apparently forgot to do when I changed my email.

December 5th: A day late, I know, but Silverado 3.13 is now up! If you'd busted your starship and had to take it in to the shop - again - you'd be expecting a bit of trouble over it, right? Right?

November 19th: Silverado 3.12 is now available. Concluding the 'Scattered' special, 3.12: 'Museum Piece - Part Two has Stafford chasing down Stalart while Jeffery leads a mission to find Silverado's missing stardrive section. Check out this double-length story now on the Season 3 page!

November 5th: New Silveado! 3.11: 'Museum Piece - Part One' is now on the Season 3 page! Part one of the 'Scattered' story collection!
October 28th: New Machinima! Episode 3 is now on the Machinima page! Having come up with a calm, rational plan to escape, of course you know Jeffery and Stafford are going to come up with something completely different and far more entertaining!

October 22nd: New Silverado! Check out Silverado 3.10: 'Convergence' If the title hasn't tipped you off to what's happening, you better start reading...

October 8th: The senior staff may be on well on their way to dealing with their sudden castaway status, but what about some of the other crewmembers? Follow Stern, Kreklor and the others as they find themselves in an eerily familiar world in Silverado 3.9: "Hazardous Pay".

September 24th: Did anybody else make it off the ship? What about the ship itself? And what's the deal with the planet? I don't promise answers, but I do promise Silverado 2.8: 'Short Connections' now on the Season 3 page.

September 24th: Hmm. Apparently I forgot to mention it here but Star Traks Machinima, Episode 2 is now available by clicking the 'Machinima' link to your left.

September 10th: Things look grim for some of the Silverado crew as they try to figure out what the heck just happened. Check out 3.7: 'Dyer Straights'!

August 27th: When Silverado is sent on mission to investigate a bizarre planet, they find that the journy there can be a lot more fun than the actual mission. We've got burning couches and snowmobiles just for you in Silverado 3.6: 'Vengeance of the Vertically Challenged'!

August 13th: Silverado 3.5: 'Dances with Starships' is now available on the Season 2 page. Camping and squirrels go hand in hand, no matter what planet you're on!

July 30th: And here comes Silverado 3.4: 'Sex in the Starship'. Yes, the crew of the USS Stallion (and their libidos) are back for another round, working against bounty hunters, secret operatives and Jeffery's refusal to get freaky.

July 16th: Ahh, the fresh air and wide open spaces of the Canadian praries. It's fitting then that while I enjoy this summer of family togetherness our favorite (and only) Silverado crew is going to learn that dozens of relatives always translates into a 'Family Circus'!

July 2nd: Happy Canada Day! Well, OK, that was yesterday. And since most of my dozen or so readers aren't actually in Canada, you probably don't care. But I live here, I care, and so for my private little celebration, here's Silverado 3.2: 'Lady in Grey'!

June 17th: Presenting Star Traks: Silverado - SEASON 3!! Yes, I admit it, I couldn't stop myself from continuing the adventures of Stafford, Yanick, Wowryk and the rest. So here's Silverado 3.1: 'Friendship Zero'!

February 14th: Happy Valentines Day! This time I actually DO have a gift for fans of Silverado and Traks fans in particular. Check out the new, experimental 'Star Traks: Machinima' link over to your left. Hopefully you won't be dissapointed... December 26th: Happy Various Holidays to all! Lacking the ability to deliver gifts to every home across the planet, the only gift I have is Star Traks: Silverado 2.18, the season 2 finale! Check it out on the Season 2 page!

December 10th: After yet another big dump of snow, it's time for another Silverado Update! Things start to heat up as Silverado and Silverado-2 find K'Eleese's hidden base. Check it out on the Season 2 page...

November 26th: And it's first snow in Toronto. Things are slick, wet and slippery. Time now to get your mind out of the gutter and check out the newest Silverado story, now on the Season 2 page!

November 12th: Happy Rememberance Day to all. New on Star Traks: Silverado...With a dead body in Sickbay and an Admiral about to drop by, Stafford and crew have plently to keep themselves occupied.

October 29th: Halloween Update! How many Starfleet officers does it take to fill a haunted house? Find out in the Star Traks Silverado Halloween Special! Check it out on the Season 2 page.

October 14th: Update! Silverado 2.14, 'Security Strikes Back' is now available. If you thought things were getting weird before, you haven't seen nothing yet!

October 1st: Update! Silverado 2.13, 'A New Thrall' is now available on the Season 2 page!

September 18th: Update! Silverado 2.12, 'Drink Sometime?' is now available! When Steven Steiger takes a vacation it's up to Stafford and Noonan to find a replacement. Unfortunatly, somebody already has plans in store. Meanwhile, Steven learns that the faster you chase something, the more difficult it can be to catch.

September 3rd: WHO ARE MY READERS??? Some recent fan emails have really started me thinking about the people who read Silverado. So hey, pull out the keyboard, open up your favorite email client and tell me about yourself. I fixed the email link to the left, so it works now...

September 3rd: Horray! Back in Canada! And to celebrate, here's Silverado 2.11, 'Rise of the Machine'. Stafford gets stuck on the ship while Noonan gets to have all the fun. Nuff said.

August 20th: Still down in sunny Texas, actually working on future Silverado stories in a Starbucks attached to a Target store in Port Arthur, but that's not stopping me from bringong you Silverado 1.10, 'Birthing Pains'! No, you won't feel any pain from reading it. It's OK, go ahead. Just read the damned story!

August 5th: Coming at you live, from a Wi-Fi enabled cafe in Houston, TX, it's Silverado 2.9, 'Ops Hunt'! Why am I in Houston instead of my home contry of Canada? Oh. You't don't care. You just wanna know about the story. Go read it then!

July 23rd: Another New Story! Silverado 2.8 sees two people on vacation, one with a messy problem and yet another that just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you want more detail, read the damn story! It's over on the Season 2 page.

July 9th: UPDATE! Silverado 2.7, 'Captive Audience', now available on the Season 2 page. Counselor Yvonnokoff takes off for a few weeks, leaving some large, well-polished Starfleet boots to fill. Hey, where the heck is she, anyway??

June 25th: New Story! Silverado 2.6, 'Creative Coaching', now available on the Season 2 page. Starfleet decides that the Silverado crew needs to be shipped off to Tantalus V for some 'rehabilitation'. What they find is both familiar and disturbing. Also, vote for your favorite Silverado villian on the Star Traks Forum!

June 11th: And it's back to the stories with Silverado 2.5, 'Probably Doomed'. It's fun and chaos all around when Silverado is lucky enough to test out a brand new piece of technology!

June 6th: Check out the Gallery page for new Traks multimedia! We've got the Silverado Opening Credits and brand-new images of Waystation! The Waystation images have been given a serious face-lift to better fit Alan Decker's vision for the station.

May 28th: Silverado Update: 'Welcome Aboard'. If you were a standard Starfleet officer visiting Silverado, what would you think? Hey! There is NO need for THAT kind of language! Just head over to the Season 2 page and check it out. Potty-mouth!

May 14th, 2005: New to the Season 2 page, 'Service with a Smile', guest written by Alan Decker!

April 30th, 2005: And it's a return trip to Waystation in Silverado 2.2, 'Back in Sight'.

April 16th, 2005: YES! Announcing Star Traks: Silverado, SEASON TWO! I'm trilled to bring to you the next chapter in the adventures of Stafford and company. So thrilled, in fact, that I'm celebrating this launch by giving the site a thorough facelift! So sit back, relax and enjoy Silverado 2.1: '15 Minutes of Shame".

Head over to the new Gallery to check out my Traks renderings and to download the Final Frontier font. The Silverado web page just doesn't look right without it!

February 18th: It's the one year anniversary of Star Traks, Silverado! Or pretty close to it anyway. Celebrating one year of my inane ramblings, here's Silverado Book 1: Intermission. Oh, it's my birthday tomorrow too!

December 31st: The season 1 finale of Silverado is now available on the Stories page. Special thanks to all my readers for helping to make Silverado a success!

December 18th: Here it comes! Part one of the Silverado Season 1 Finale! Check it out on the stories page!

December 4th: Jall and Wowryk must work together in the newest Star Traks: Silverado, 'You Can Say That Again'! Oil and water? Or matter and antimatter? You decide!

November 20th: Presenting Star Traks Silverado 1.13: Red vs. Blue. Training excersises are using a chance to hone and show of all those cool moves and skills you've been working on in the holodeck. What? You don't HAVE any skills? Uh-oh...

November 6th: It's First Contact! But these women aren't as weloming as they seem... Let's face it, are they ever?

October 23rd: Ok, last time around, some pretty serious stuff happened. How is everybody going to react to 'The Jeffery Incident?' Find out in Silverado 1.11: 'Aftertaste', now available!

October 9th: Happy Thanksgiving! And celebrate, here's Silverado 1.10, Are We Having Fun Yet?, now on the Stories page. Basically, lots of bad things happen...

September 25th: AND WE'RE BACK! Yes, that's right, hiatus is over! So sit back, relax and enjoy the next installment of Star Traks:Silverado! An attack by the mysterious Mistresses incapacitates the crew. Its Lieutenant Fifebee to the rescue! We hope...

September 7th: Added a Preview page. Sort of. Not much there. Take a look.

September 3rd: Check out the posting scheduale for upcoming Silverado stories, availible on the Series Status Report thread of Star Traks Forum!

July 13th: Presenting my Star Traks Artwork page! Check out my first ever attempts at 3D computer rendering: Waystation!

July 3rd: New email! Comments and feedback on Silverado can now be sent to!

June 18th: Presenting Silvero 1.8, Contents Under Pressure! And with this 8th story I officially begin my mid-season hiatus. But look for more Star Traks: Silverado, coming this fall! June 6th: Just got back from my first visit to Montreal! Drinking, dancing and friendly locals! Anyway, of more interest to you is Silverado 1.7, Pitstops, Pitfalls and Piracy, now available!

May 22nd: It's been a few weeks, but I'm proud to present Silverado 1.6, Last-Minute Packing! Available now here and on the Traks Nexus.

May 22nd: Want to see the Silverado site the way I meant it to appear? Download the Final Frontier font!

April 23rd, 2004: Star Traks: Silverado 1.5, "Welcome to Hickville". Want the teaser? Check out the stories page!

April 10th 2004: Star Traks Silverado 1.4, 'Ship of Dreams?' Part two is now available. It's a battle of the sexes as Captain Stafford and the guys battle Queen Wowryk and the girls. Remember feedback, both positive and negative, is always welcome!

March 27th 2004: Star Traks Silverado 1.3, 'Ship of Dreams?' Part one is now available here AND on the Star Traks Nexus! Captain Stafford and his crew learn that naps aren't always a good thing.

March 18th 2004: Updated the 'Ship' page with info about the Silverado. Y'know, just in case anybody cares. Also, Silverado 1.3 to 1.5 have officially reached 1st draft status, so if you like what you see so far, there is more on the way!

Feb 28 2004: Star Traks Silverado 1.2, 'Let the Games begin!' is now available here AND on the Star Traks Nexus! Special thanks to Alan Decker and Anthony Butler for all their feedback and patience with me and Silverado.

Feb 23 2004: Updated the site with a bit of a new look. If anybody out there is reading this, let me know what you think of the site, the story, the concept, whatever! Feedback is always welcome

Feb 14 2004: Star Traks Silverado 1.1, 'Old Ships, New Beginnings' is now available here AND on the Star Traks Nexus! Look for Silverado 1.2, 'Let the Games Begin' coming soon!