Traks Gallery

After huge amounts of work, I'm pleased to present my Star Traks image gallery. Here you'll find my all-original attempts at 3-D modeling. All images were created using 3D Studio Max. Click on the thumbnails to get the high-resolution versions. Making a new shot is fairly easy once the models themselves are done, so if you want to see a new angle just click here!

* I retain Copyright (2004) on all images presented on this page.

Silverado Opening Credits

The end result of all my 3-D experimentation: Star Traks Silverado Opening Credits. Hey, I'm pretty proud for somebody who's never done this before. My only regret is that the high resolution version is too big to fit on the web site. A must-see for any Star Traks fan!

Starbase Waystation

Formerly my first effort, now my third: Waystation! Improved, updated and refinished! We've seen ships that look exactly like Explorer, Banshee, Secondprize, Aerostar, Aerostar-A, Cube #347, Haymaker and even Silverado on the assorted Star Trek television shows and movies. Waystation and the U.S.S. Anomoly remain the only two Traks ships that we've never had a really good look at. Being a very big fan of Waystation, it gives me great pleasure to show my updated vision of our favorite Traks space station.

Although these images are entirely of my own creation, special thanks go to Alan Decker for creating the Waystation concept and for his continual imput during the creation of the Waystation mesh.

U.S.S. Silverado

My second prject: U.S.S. Silverado! Well what did you think I was going to do? My series, my ship, of course I'm gonna render it!

I did three versions of this Ambassador-class vessel. The first version is the ship as it appears after story 1.6: looking good as new. Repaired, repainted and so forth. On the outside anyway. The second version is the ship as it appears after launch: the holes have been patched, the ship is up and running but it still looks like a jumkyard reject. The third and final version is the ship as it appeared in the junkyard. Holes, open hatches, dead in space and so forth.

That's it for now. More projects hopefully coming in the future.