Space. It's big, it's scary and there are lots of weird places to go.
These are the adventures of the starship Silverado.
Her crews never-ending mission: to keep her in one piece.
To escape insults and ridicule.
To boldly go where nobody else has been stupid enough to go before!

Star Traks: Halfway to Haven


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Welcome to my little corner of the Star Traks Nexus! Star Traks; Silverado chronicles the adventures of Captain Christopher Stafford and the crew of the (you guessed it!) U.S.S. Silverado as they take abuse from Starfleet Command, crazed construction crews, super-feminist aliens, each other, each other and oh, did I mention, each other?

With a man-hating, God-loving Doctor, a mysterious First Officer, a multi-breed Security Chief and a helmswoman best described as 'blond', you know this crew is going to take hundreds of years of Starfleet tradition...and launch it out the nearest torpedo tube!


Dec 28th 2017: Silverado 6.16 and 6.17 are now on the Season 6 page! Yes, this is finally the Silverado Season 6 finale!

Dec 3rd 2016: Silverado 6.15 is now on the Season 6 page! No, it's not the finale. And there will now be a brief delay in posting while I write the next story...which I haven't even started yet. Sorry...

Nov 19th 2016: Silverado 6.14 is now on the Season 6 page!

Nov 5th 2016: Silverado 6.13 is now on the Season 6 Page!

Oct 22 2016: Silverado 6.12 is now on the Season 6 Page!

Oct 8th 2016: Wow...more of a delay than planned. So here's Silverado 6.11, on the Season 6 page. There will be four stories posted, then another break while I finish up the last few...

Dec 16th: Guess I messed up the numbering...skipped 6.8 in the news updates, but not on the page itself. Anyway, the real 6.10 is now posted. Also, this marks the end of the first run of Season 6. There are six more stories to come (once I finish writing them), but taking the break between 10 and 11 best fits the storyline.

Nov 28th: Silverado 6.9 is now on the Season 6 page. And I'm sorry for being late.

Nov 8th: Silverado 6.8 is now on the Season 6 page.

Oct 25: Silverado 6.7 is now on the Season 6 page.

Oct 13: Silverado 6.6 is now on the Season 6 page.

Sept 19th: Silverado 6.5 is now on the Season 6 page. Head's up, 6.6 will be a bit late, due to me travelling.

Sept 7th: Silverado 6.4 is now on the Season 6 page.

August 26th: Silverado 6.3 is now on the Season 6 page.

August 10th: Silverado 6.2 is now on the Season 6 page.

July 26th 2015: Season 6 has begun! Nearly five years have passed for us, but for Stafford and the crew of the USS Silverado, time just seems to be dragging on. And on. And on...

March 26th: Season 3 is now available in ebook format. Check it out on the Season 3 page! March 4th: Halfway To Haven has resumed posting, over on the H2H website.

January 15th: Silverado is being slowly but surely converted to ebook format! Seasons 1 and 2 are now available as ebooks on their respective pages, in addition to the traditional text files.

October 13th: Silverado 5.16, the Season 5 finale-aftermath, is now on the Season 5 page.

September 24th: Silverado 5.15 is now on the Season 5 page.

September 12th: Silverado 5.14, the first half of the Matrium Uprising climax, is now on the Season 5 page.

August 29th: Silverado 5.13 is now on the Season 5 page.

August 15th: Silverado 5.12 is now on the Season 5 page. Also, Star Traks: Machinima has been re-uploaded with higher resolution on the Machinima page.

August 1st: Silverado 5.11 is now on the Season 5 page.

July 16th: Star Traks is now on Facebook! Go check it out! Also, Silverado 5.10 is now on the season 5 page.

July 5th: Happy Canada Day and/or 4th of July. Silverado 5.9 is now up on the Season 5 page...

June 20th: Special guest appearance by the crew of the USS Banshee, now on the Season 5 page!

June 5th: Silverado 5.7 is now available on the Season 5 page.

May 21st: Silverado 5.6 is now available.

May 8th: Silverado 5.5 is now available! Featuring guest stars from an undisclosed sister series!

April 26th: Silverado 5.4 is now available.

April 10th: Silverado 5.3 is now available.

March 27th: Silverado 5.2 is now available.

March 15th: Presenting Star Traks: Silverado - Season 5! Matria Prime has fallen, the Qu'Eh are in control and most of the Silverado crew is hiding in a strange underground bunker. Stafford is pushing to tear the place apart, Jeffery is trying to get Sylvia back together and Queen Anselia of Matria is pretty much preventing anybody from doing anything. So what happens? Check out the new Season 5 page to find out!

March 1st: Two bits of news today. First, the next Crash Course story is available on the Crash Course page. Second, Silverado will begin posting new stories the weekend of March 13th. This will either be the continuation of Season 4, or the start of Season 5. I haven't made up my mind yet.

Nov 29th: OK. Basically, I was getting sick of the never-ending Matrian story arc I've neem working on. So I set it aside long enough to put together a random Silverado story. It's on the new 'Specials' page. Enjoy!

Oct 11th: Happy Thanksgiving! I'm gorged on turkey. No, you can't have any, but you can have the latest Crash Course, now available on the crash course page.

Sept 16th: Crah Course 2.4: Assembly is now on the Crash Course page. 4 cadets will have the chance to chart the course of a new wave of lower-classmen. Who will it be?

Aug 31st 2009: Holy Crap! It's been 11 months since I updated this page! And the worst part is, I've still been posting. Anyway, Crash Course 1.5, 1.6, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 are all available on the Crash Course page. No new Silverado has been posted yet, but I'm working on it...

Sept 27th: Crash Course 1.3: First Lap is now on the Crash Course page.

Sept 7th: Ooops! I just realized that when I did the Crash Course update, I accidently erased Alan's new's entries for the last few Silverado stories! Dammit! I like the one about the Platypus! Oh, and by the way Crash Course 1.2 is now available.

May 17th: Silverado 4.14 is now up on the season 4 page.

May 2nd:Couple of notes on this update. First off, Silverado 4.13 is now up on the Season 4 page. Second, I may not be around to post the remaining stories of Season 4, as I have my summer military training starting soon. That being the case, Mr. Decker has agreed to handle the posting in my absence. So though I won't be around, the remaining Silverado stories will be posted.

April 19th: And I'm taking a break from the hell of exams to bring you Silverado 4.12, over on the Season 4 page.

April 5th: Finally! I am allowed to go into Kingston wearing civilian cloths! Oh, and yeah, Silverado 4.11 has been posted.

March 21st: The latest story has been added to the Season 4 page. (Hah! And you thought I'd try to be funny again!)

March 8th: Coming at you live from the Royal Military College of Canada, here's Silverado 4.9 - Past Imperfect - Part II! Check it out on the Season 4 page...

Febrary 24th: Due to circumstances beyond our control, we happily present Silverado 4.8 one week ahead of schedual. I now have one less week in which to complete this season.

Febrary 16th: We now bring you back to your regularly schedualed author (stop that boo-ing!)with Silverado 4.7, now on the Season 4 page.

February 2nd: It's a Traks Guest-write! Silverado 4.6, written by Alan Decker, is now available on the Season 4 page!

January 18th: Silverado 4.5 - Shuffle is now available on the Season 4 page. Clearly I'm getting a bit lazy with the news bulletins.

January 5th: Silverado 4.4 - Backslide is now available on the Season 4 page.

December 24th: Merry Christmas! Sorry kids, all Santa has for you this year is the Silverado Christmas Special, now on the Season 4 page...

December 8th: Coming at you live from the mid-point in the Royal Military College fall exam period, here's Silverado 4.2 - Day on Nights. Available on the Season 4 page.

November 24th: Season 4 has begun! Yes, the start of a new run of Silverado stories! Check out the brand-new Silverado 4.1 - Choices That Bite Back, now on the Season 4 page!

October 20th: A new web statistics tracker has been located! This should be the end of pop-ups on the site. If you get one, please email me immediately.

October 18th: OK. Life-altering changes made. Life hectic and crazy. But Season 4 of Silverado is currently being written! Not sure yet when I'll be ready to start posting, but hopefully it will be soon. In the meantime, anybody have suggestions for a web stats tracker that doesn't include annoying pop-ups?

June 12th: I guess I haven't posted news in a while. Two things: First, the Machinima project is finished. Click the 'Machinima' link to your left to few the final episodes. Still only YouTube quality, I'm afraid, but I can't find enough webspace for the high-quality version. Second, while work has commenced on Silverado Season 4, I'm in the midst of making some pretty major life changes. Location, career, lifestyle, everything is changing. For the better, I hope. But I don't know how much time I'll have for writing, so Season 4 may take a while.

February 4th: For anybody needing a Silverado fix now that Season 3 is over...anybody? Anybody? Damn. Well, for the rest of you, check out Episode 5 of the Star Traks Machinima series by clicking the Machinima link to your left.

January 14th: The Season 3 finale is now available. Closing off the third year of Silverado, we have 5 officers vying for 1 position. Who's going to come out on top? Find out on the Season 3 page!

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